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중국 윈난의 Dian Hong 홍차

윈난 딩홍 Tippy South Cloud

전에 에서 구입한 홍차. (구입 기록)

사이트의 정보를 보자.

Origin Yunnan, China (중국 윈난)

Yunnan ‘South Cloud’ is regarded as one of the areas for the Genesis of tea. The Southern part of this province is home to the Mekong and Lancang river basins, lush mountains and for the famous Puer category of teas. It is also the native home of the ‘Dayeh’, broad leaf tea varietal.

Dian Hong

During third century BC, the central area of Yunnan, around present day Kunming (major city), was known as ‘Dian.’ Today, Yunnan black teas are often referred to as Dian Hong teas.

Yunnan Variety

Yunnan black teas vary in their flavor and appearance. Some grades have more golden buds and a very sweet and gentle aroma without astringency. Others make a darker, brown brew that is bright, uplifting and smooth.

Tippy South Cloud

Made at a 100% organic tea garden with a mix of black and gold tipped leaves. The color emerges as a result of withering (moisture drying of the leaves), a critical step in processing of the leaves. Only a few areas in Yunnan contain these type of plants. Other areas known to have golden tipped varietals are Hunan and Fujian provinces in China and Assam in India.

Best Season

Tippy South Cloud is special during late summer months. Since it is a heavy oxidized(darker) tea, it maintains its flavor well over the months.

Flavor Profile

Uplifting, smooth, full bodied texture with slightly smoky aroma.

Suggested Use

Brew one level teaspoons of leaf in eight ounces pure, spring or filtered at 185F for four minutes. Can be re-infused two times.


간단히 정리하면 중국 윈난 지구에서 나는 홍차를 Dian Hong이라고 한단다.

윈난은 버마, 라오스, 베트남에 맞닿아있다. (중국은 얼마나 큰 나라인가)

위키피디아에 의하면 면적은 394,100km² 로 중국의 4.1%이고, 인구는 45,140,000이다.

참고로 대한민국 면적은 100,210km² 이고 인구는 대략 51,541,582이다.

(대한민국이 윈난 대비 면적은 1/4이고, 인구는 600만명이 많다.)

Tippy South Cloud는 윈난의 어느 Tea Gargen에서 홍차잎과 황금색의 어린 잎을 섞어 만든 이 홍차 브랜드를 의미한다.

Tippy South Cloud Tea

수색은 진하고 향과 맛도 진하다.

이렇게 진한 홍차에는 레몬이 더 잘 어울린다.

윈난 딩홍 Tippy South Cloud



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